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22nd September 2011

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People seemed mildly impressed/interested when I posted my WIP Tavros horns, so while I finish them off I’m gonna share my attaching method. Mostly because I’ve checked the homestuck cosplay tumblr and it looks like NO ONE ELSE HAS THOUGHT OF THIS METHOD. AND IT IS GOOD.

Hate headbands, heavy horns? Here’s my secret:

Heavy guage craft wire. I got mine for like a dollar at Wal-Mart. You’ll have to twine it in on itself for it to be strong enough to hold the horns to your head. MAKE SURE THE WIRE IS THICK OR IT WILL NOT SUPPORT THE WEIGHT OF YOUR HORNS.

Here’s what I use for smaller, more lightweight horns:

Black craft cord. Wire or cord, you’re gonna poke holes through the horns during the molding process for stringing it through and knot it at each end to keep the horns from sliding. 

HELPFUL HINT: When you’re making your horns, always fit them on your head while wearing some cord so you know what position on your head they will be vs where the cord sits. This will tell you where your holes need to go.

Back to the wire! They didn’t have decent wire colors, and it kind of digs into my headmeats a little anyway, so I’m gonna mask it with black electrical tape. 

This is important: you’ll need a pair of pliers to twist the wire into place where you’d be making knots with cord. It just has to be bigger around than the holes in your horns. I’m gonna tape these little nubs up for added stability. I’m also gonna fit it to my head, twine the ends of the wire together and tape that down. I have to pull it VERY snug before twisting it together or else it won’t hold. It’s probably gonna pinch your hair a little, and it might hurt, but once you get it twisted and taped down it’ll be worth it.

Here’s how it looks on my head :] I haven’t shaved it into a mohawk yet; you’ll see that next weekend at AWA. But just pull your hair over the wire on top and smooth it over and it disappears completely. LIKE ~MAGIC~

Oh, and since someone has asked me this before: The wire/cord ties under the back of your head, not the front. Yes, it holds up. It hides really well, unlike if you tied it under your chin. Then you’d just look like a kid at Halloween.

Keep this in mind: Head movement will be limited if your horns are heavier. I can’t lean my head back with mine, for instance, but I can tilt it to the side. Use common sense, and probably walk around in your house with them on to get a feel for them. Tavros isn’t really a spazmonkey anyway, so I’ll be fine just moving slowly and gently.

I really hope this is helpful and people start using this method; it looks so much more lifelike than silly silly headbands! And there’s no reason not to do it with smaller horns.

NOTE: This is my first time using craft wire like this and I haven’t given it a true test run at a con yet, so there may be tiny flaws. If you run into a problem using this method, use your noggin to get around it! And if you really can’t come up with anything, feel free to ask me for help. I’m pretty good at coming up with costume solutions in a pinch and my ask box is always open :]

Last but not least, I would not have started using this method/thought to use wire instead of cord without the help of my mate. Thanks bby <3

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